Whether you’re just entertaining the thought of living in SoCal or your job has decided that for you, and you’re getting ready to make the move, here are 11 things you should about living in Southern California:


  • Easy to Maintain a Healthy Diet

There’s a reason why Southern California’s cities are consistently named as the top “Healthiest Cities in America.” Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is incredibly easy here. San Diego prides itself on their Farmer’s Markets. You’ll have access to so much fresh produce. California is full of farmers; expect plenty of amazing fruits and vegetables. And if you love avocados, they grow here in abundance. And people here are so used to different diets being introduced that nothing surprises people anymore.


  • Spanish

California is one of the most multilingual states in the country. If you must learn another language apart from English when you move to SoCal, make it Spanish. More than 35% of the population in here speak Spanish fluently.


  • LA Traffic

If you’re living or working in LA, then you’re going to have to make peace with the traffic, particularly if you’re a 9-5er. It’s not uncommon to hear about people who live in the suburbs who endure a 2-hour commute one-way.


  • The SoCal vs. NorCal Rivalry

SoCal and NorCal fight over just about everything – from college sports teams to professional sports teams, lifestyle, and music.


  • Mexican Food Done Right

No other state does Mexican food quite as well as California; it’s authentic and a far cry from anything you’ve probably tried in other states.


  • Dogs Are Always Welcome

From dog parks to daycares to even dog hotels, we sure love our dogs here. SoCal is so dog-friendly that most establishments will allow you to bring your pet in or have an area dedicated to them. Dogs aren’t allowed on most beaches; however, there are designated dog beaches.


  • Home of Tech

Google, Yahoo, and Apple – SoCal is home to the biggest names in technology and innovation. And because its home to Silicon Valley, don’t be surprised by how much people love their tech here.


  • Laidback Lifestyle

You can thank SoCal’s casual cool lifestyle to its perfect weather year-round. Office attire here tends to be more relaxed. The only reason you would need a full suit is if you belong to an industry that demands it.


  • Below Average Property Taxes

California is a high-income tax state. If you earn a lot, then you pay a significant amount of your earning to the state. However, it may please you to learn that property taxes are below average.


  • Be Ready to Be Outdoorsy


If you weren’t a nature-love before, you’ll want to be when you move to SoCal. LA alone is surrounded by mountain ranges where there are hundreds of hiking trails and opportunities for you to go backpacking, camping, cycling, and rock climbing.


  • Perfect Weather

The Weather Channel heralds San Diego as the best place in the entire country to enjoy the summer. Thanks to its beautifully clear sunny days, San Diego has become famous for its weather.

Ready to make the move to SoCal?