If you’ve firmly decided to sell your home, that’s it; the next step is to be smart about the way you’ll get the word out and the amount you’re going to sell it for.

While planting a ‘For Sale by Owner’ sign on the front lawn is super cute and tends to make you feel good in all kinds of ways, the truth is – it may not be as effective as you expect it to be. Apart from your neighbors and a few passing cars, not many people are going to see the sign, and you’ll be left with a solid property on your hands that can’t find a buyer.

In this post, we’re talking about the most critical factors to think about before organizing that home tour yourself:

The Exposure of Your Property

Getting the word out should be your first consideration when you decide to sell the house. What also matters is the way you get that word out. WOM is usually very successful, but you want to be extra prepared and find other ways, too. Here are some options:

  • An established real estate brokerage
  • Hiring a real estate firm
  • Hiring an in-house marketing strategist
  • Print advertisements in local as well as some national media outlets
  • Internet posts on your social networks

The first three are pretty much the best options to consider when you are selling. They have enough experience selling houses and work with professionals that have been trained to spot the best opportunities and deals and find the best potential buyers. For instance, the team behind The Monica Diaz Team will go above and beyond to find the best deals for their customers in Southern California, and make this house-selling journey super easy and pleasant. When you work with professionals, there’s no property tricky enough to sell. Unfortunately, if you don’t get enough exposure or work with the right people, you may end up spending months or even years trying to sell your real estate, only to end up selling it at a lower price.

Market Information

These days, the real estate market is way more dynamic than we’re used to. Apart from being in flux all the time, the market’s getting bigger and bigger by the day, putting every new seller in a very vulnerable position. So, if you can’t correctly gauge the market’s direction and speed, you may end up selling your home below its value. It is why it’s advisable you work with a real estate agent who understands the market, can correctly assess your home’s worth and then sell your home at a high price.

Legal Issues

Contracts and closings could be the most crucial aspect of the home-selling process. No matter how personal you are about selling your house, don’t fall into the trap of doing everything yourself. Hire an expert who understands the process and can steer it to a legally sound conclusion. Mishandled legal paperwork could lead to unfortunate closings that leave you weak to unexpected outcomes or lawsuits, and eventually a failure to sell at the price and time of your choosing. Don’t leave this aspect of the process without professional assistance that is – unless you are a lawyer yourself.

If you’re looking to buy or sell in Southern CA, let’s talk. Our team is available for anything real estate related you need.