These days, it feels like you can find all the information you need (on pretty much anything) online. With that in mind, we sometimes get clients whether buying, selling or looking to rent ask us, “Why should we hire a real estate agent?” They are usually perplexed if it’s worth paying for a real-estate service when they can find pretty much all the info online. We can’t tell them that it is or that it is not; different real-estate scenarios demand different measures, so – if you want to know why hiring professionals to sell your house may be the best decision for you, here are five reasons:

#1 Agents Are Buffers

While selling a home may sound like an easy task, it never is. Numerous open houses, never-ending phone calls, negotiations, lookie-loos that are “just looking” but never giving an offer, etc. – that’s where agents jump in to take the pressure off. Plus, agents have years, sometimes decades of experience to recognize serious buyers and those that are wasting your time. So, a real-estate agent may help you get that offer in writing sooner than you normally would.

#2 Negotiation Skills & Confidentiality

Negotiating a price of anything, let alone a home, is always uncomfortable, especially if a) you’ve never done it before, and b) you are in a rush to sell. Agents have mastered the skill of negotiation and always work to your best interest. Plus, everything they talk about with you is strictly confidential, and none of your selling information can ever leak. Another benefit to hiring an agent when selling a home is that they are professionals consciously removed from the emotional aspects of the process.

#3 Agents Help the Buyer Understand the Process

An experienced real estate professional can help both buyers and sellers understand the process, what to expect during the entire transaction, talk to them about potential problems, etc. so no one is caught off guard.

#4 Neighborhood Knowledge

Qualified agents usually have inside knowledge of the neighborhood you are selling in and know how to create a buzz about a hot piece of property on the market. For instance, if you know that a house down the street sold for $300,000, an agent will know everything that led to that price, such as: the type of upgrades done on the home prior to the sale (and how much money it cost), how long it’s been on the market, whether it ever fell out of escrow, etc. The inside information means more than you know because they help you sell your property at the best price without having any unrealistic expectations.

#5 Handling Volumes of Paperwork

Long gone are days of one-page deposit receipts: today’s purchase agreements are nothing short of ten pages or more, and that’s without the federal- and state-mandated disclosures or disclosures dictated by local custom. And, it’s not just the drab process of it. With so many pages to go through, mistakes and various omissions are very easy to occur, and – they can cost you thousands or even land you in court! An experienced agent will know how to handle all the paperwork without putting you in a compromising position.

Hope the five reasons we listed out above help you get a better perspective on why hiring a real estate agent is an excellent plan. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Monica Diaz team is here to help.