As you wrap furniture in blankets, pack moving boxes and go through numerous things you’ve accumulated over the years, there are possibly two things going through your head.

a) you’ll miss this place, after all – this has been your home for such a long time.

b) that this is the perfect time to get rid of things you no longer need. But, there’s an inevitable dilemma: what will the new homeowners want to use (out of everything you potentially leave behind) and what’s going to be additional clutter to their piles of stuff? Well, we can’t give a firm answer to that, but there’s an idea what they may find useful:

Owner’s Manuals

Usually, movers don’t tend to bring (old) appliances with them when they’re moving homes. If you are like the majority of movers, and you are leaving appliances like microwaves, refrigerators, water softeners, and water heaters behind, make sure the owner’s manuals remain as well. No matter how simple they may seem to use, the new owners would probably instead follow the manual then guess and end up with a mess on their hands. Leaving owner’s manuals is practical if the new owners need to order replacement parts, too.

Leftover Paint

In case you’ve got a stack of unused paint cans you used on your home recently, leave them to the new residents. We do understand wanting to save up, and all, but those cans will probably end up in the trash somewhere anyway. So, why not leave them for the new owners to use to touch up the scuff and scratches that come with moving (especially if it’s an older home)? Store the cans where the new owners can easily find them (e.g., at the back of a closet, under a sink, in the garage, etc.) and where there are no temperature fluctuations. You can also let them know where you left them.

Light Fixtures

Unless your light fixtures have a sentimental value or you’d recently purchased them, then leave them to the new residents. After all, buyers expect to move into a house with attached objects; however, if you want to take them with you, notify the real estate agent, and replace the fixtures with other ones. Also, make sure you leave light bulbs, too, so the new owners don’t get stuck in the dark.

Don’t Take Outdoor Plantings When Moving

We all love our gardens, don’t we? Sure! But, it’s a little weird transporting shrubs, trees, and other landscaping features when leaving a house. Unless agreed otherwise before the purchase, the new homeowner will expect to find all outdoor plantings on the property just as they were when they signed the contract. Plus, the greenery wouldn’t even survive transplantation, so leaving them behind shouldn’t change much.

Hardwired Alarm Systems

If your (former) home comes with a portable wireless alarm system (the kind that syncs with your smartphone due to Wi-Fi-enabled cameras), you can bring it with you when you move. These are easy to rewire and relocate. However, if the house has hardwired alarms connected to your home’s electrical system, leave them with the house. In case you have a security company monitoring your alarm system, let both the new owners and the company know that you are moving. That way, the new owners can switch it to their name, and you can discontinue the service.

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