Has the time finally come for you to sell your house? Good luck! Still, before you get yourself into the process, there are a few things you should know that will not only make the process easier but save you tons of potential disappointment.

Read through the most common sellers’ assumptions when it comes to open houses:

#Assumption 1: You’ll Sell on the First Try

Open houses can be drab, especially when you don’t find buyers at the first go around – which isn’t that uncommon. Usually, there have to be a few open houses before you get an offer or before you finally decide between a few offers. While the idea that a cute little sign on your lawn that says “FOR SALE” will mean direct selling of the property, things don’t work that way and you have to be patient. No one is saying the waiting part is cute; au contraire – arm yourself with a lot of patience, pamper your home for the open house, bake a lot of tasty cookies, and wait for that awesome buyer to walk into your abode.

#Assumption 2: You’ll Get Perfect Tenants/Buyers

“Giving” up your house to someone is a huge step, and it’s only natural that you want people you like to live in it. However, not everything is rainbows and butterflies, and the fact you don’t like your potential buyers shouldn’t affect your opportunity to sell, especially if the offer is good. On that note, try to leave the prejudice about “perfect buyers” aside and look at things objectively.

#Assumption 3: You’ll Get a Fantastic Offer Straight Away

The nature of every open house is not only for the potential buyers to see the house but put an offer they are comfortable with. It is very rare for buyers to accept what you are asking. There’s usually plenty of negotiating, and that’s why you want to have a good realtor with you (to avoid any unpleasant situations.) Monica Diaz team offers the most professional help in Southern California, whether you need help to sell your house or buy one.

#Assumption 4: Your Potential Buyers Will Love Your Home as Much as You Do

This one is pretty common, and it’s very obvious. If you’ve lived in a house for, say, five, ten, twenty years – to you, that’s leaving home, your safe place, and everything about that moment is sentimental. However, what you consider home; buyers consider a piece of property that might agree with their lifestyle, expectations, etc. On that note, no matter how much they like the house they’re viewing, they’ll never feel (or express) the same amount of excitement or enthusiasm about buying it as you do about living it (and having to sell it.) So, before you get disappointed or even angry that someone doesn’t understand your point of view, consider this tip.

#Assumption 5: You Can Do This Yourself

Relocating is stressful; but selling a house is nerve-wracking, especially if you are going through the process alone. There is a reason why there are specialized companies in the real-estate business – because they know how these things are done and what the best ways are to score a great deal. So, don’t play hero when hosting your open house. Leave it to the professionals for the best result.

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