Awe-striking natural beauty, vibrant food culture, cutting-edge technology, movies, and music – California is the land of plenty. Whether you are climbing El Capitan in Yosemite Valley or the corporate ladder, The Golden State is the place like no other. Looking for your big break that’ll show the world how talented you are? Say no more, Hollywood’s just around the corner. And do we need to mention miles of free beaches, the beautiful Napa Valley vineyards, and Silicon Valley startups as a few more reasons for you to move out here? Not really, you know it all already, and you know it well.

Even so, we’ve put together a list of attractive reasons that’ll help you realize why California is one of the most gorgeous and livable places in America:

A Mild Year-Round Climate

While some might argue that no-snow show in California is not the happiest climate coincidence, we beg to disagree. For everyone who loves blue skies, warm and long days with just a hint of rain during the winter, you’ll love it here. So, forget all about shoveling your car out of five feet of snow in winter and embrace the bronze vibes of Golden State.

National Parks Galore

California is the land of natural wonderlands and majestic parks, for sure. Joshua Tree, Yosemite, and Death Valley are a few of the state’s natural wonderlands, and when you move around a little more, you get to enjoy a plethora of state parks featuring redwood trees, and rugged coastlines.

World-class Diversities

When you come to Los Angeles, you feel like you’ve got the entire world on your platter. Juggling between the innovative culture of Silicon Valley, an active art community, endless outdoor options, beautiful beaches, and delicious and diverse culinary scene will make for some of the most exciting parts of your California experience.

A Diverse Population

Nothing says “multicultural” like New York and California do. With inviting coastline to the west and Mexico to the south, California is probably the most diverse state in the country. No matter which part of California you live in, you’ll find a wide range of people, traditions, languages, traditions, arts, and music intertwined so beautifully that you’ll regret not coming to live to Southern Cal before.

Movie Mania

If you are looking to get that Hollywood Star maybe it’s time you started looking for an apartment around there? With the U.S. film industry actively growing as it is, Hollywood is synonymous with talent success. Plus, California is home to some of the most acknowledged film schools in the world.

Fantastic Neighborhoods

From extremely rich to middle class gorgeous, neighborhoods in Southern California are excellent. People in CA are diverse, but they all have one thing in common – a sense of beauty. You’ll rarely see a neighborhood in the Golden State that isn’t neat and well taken care of. California is a real thrill for everyone from movie stars to singles and families with children.

For everyone who loves the beautiful climate, gorgeous people, fresh and delicious food and so much cultural diversity that your head will spin – California is the place to go.

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