When you decide to sell a piece of property, the most logical step is to give it a few touch-ups that would make it even more attractive for potential buyers. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the means to build our dream homes or renovate them, so they resemble Tumblr or Pinterest ideas. Even so, a lot can be done without breaking the bank! Here are a few tremendous budget-friendly tips you want to consider before putting your house on the market.

Paint the Front Door

If your budget doesn’t allow changing the front door entirely, do the next best thing – paint it. When given a fresh coat of paint, your entry will look nice, inviting and striking. Believe it or not, some research states that updating the front door can increase a home’s value as much as $8,000 and you get all that by investing less than $100 on a door upgrade. Great, isn’t it?

Install a New Garage Door

Ah, yet another door that could make plenty of difference in your home maintenance and attracting buyers. If your garage door is old, replacing them will increase your home’s value, not to mention upgrade the entire home visually. An average door cost is about $1,000, but you get an increase in home value triple the amount.

Paint One or All the Rooms

If you have lived a long time in your home, there are probably marks, dings and chipped paint all around. Since you are looking to attract buyers, invest in a gallon of pain (about $35 per gallon) to give your interior walls a fresh, bright and new look. The best options are neutral cream-based tones, grays and earthy tones in general since they add a very luxurious appeal to space. Avoid anything that is too dramatic or too bold.

Replace Dated Brass Fixtures

Say goodbye to your ‘80s shiny brass fixtures that give a very dated look to your home and replace them with the oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel fixtures for an instant makeover for an open house. You can treat your interior to a whole new look without breaking the bank, too: for instance; drawer handles start at $2, cabinet knobs begin at about $1 each, plumbing fixtures cost $50 and up, modern door knobs for $20 and up, etc. When you consider what you gain, replacing dated brass fixtures isn’t that big of an investment, is it?

Update Your Kitchen Tile

Renovating a kitchen can be pretty expensive if we’re talking about replacing the cabinets, gadgets and other kitchen equipment. However, much can be done by manipulating what you’ve got and adding a few extra touches with minimal cost. A simple backsplash (say, mosaic) can do wonders for your kitchen. Backsplash wallpaper is fashionable and affordable, and easy to install.

Clean Your House’s Exterior

Nothing beats a good, thorough cleaning of the house’s exterior, especially when you know that it can increase your home’s value by several thousand dollars. If you don’t have a pressure washer, rent one for less than $100 or ask your neighbor to borrow theirs. Use it to clean mildew and dirt from your home, and give it a subtle sparkle. Then, go about the yard, and upgrade the garden with a few simple end-of-summer home maintenance tips, too.

Attracting buyers is never too easy of a process, but if you are smart enough, you can do wonders. If you’ve got any questions regarding real-estate, talk to us. Monica Diaz team is available for all-things-property.