Every home seller wants their selling process to go as quickly and as painlessly as possible. However, that will depend on the property they’re selling, as well as their preparation and even marketing efforts. There are plenty of steps, and all require attention and planning. These include timing your sale, evaluating your home’s value, preparing to sell and listing the property on the market.

First time home sellers usually have a lot of questions and plenty to learn when they are looking to sell a property. Working with a professional real estate team can make the entire process significantly easier for them, as it can be reasonably demanding otherwise. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re selling a property for the first time:

Home Evaluation and Preparing to Sell

Even though it would be great if you could mark your property “for sale” and wait for the offers to delight you, it’s going to be more complicated than that. Before you even list your property on the market, you need a plan and a thorough evaluation of it.

One of the first decisions you have to make is deciding when to sell. There are a lot of factors at play, like the seasonality of the market, that you have to consider. Once you set the date, you should start researching the market and analyzing how well homes are selling in your area and for what price. That might give you a good idea of the offers you can expect.

Before You List the House

Before you list your property for sale, you should get it ready. Six weeks to two months before a listing is a good time to repaint and freshen up the walls and work on fixing any smaller functional inconveniences — like repairing a flickering light or replacing anything that’s broken. It is also a perfect time to hire your real estate team. A professional’s help is invaluable for the staging and marketing of the property.

You also have to start moving out before you list the house unless you want to do that at a hectic pace. Start slowly removing your items from home and putting them in a storage unit. Take care of the finances and obtain your loan payout information of the mortgage.

Marketing Your House

Of all the factors that affect how quickly you’ll sell the property, marketing may be the most influential. With great glamour shots and an engaging description, you’ll draw in many more potential sellers. It’s important to make some extra effort in this department and make the property look like a model house as much as possible. Natural light and proper angles will go a long way.

Selling a property takes effort, but it’s much easier when you know what you’re supposed to do. A good real estate team can help you make the right steps when selling your home for the first time.

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