Among the benefits of living in Southern California, cultural diversity often ranks high in people’s regard. Fortunately for all foodies, one of its subtler effects is the abundance of excellent food and fabulous restaurants.

If you’re a foodie considering a move to So Cal but couldn’t stand a stale culinary scene, we have good news for you: 18 of the most-loved places to eat in the United States according to Yelp are in Southern California. Let’s have a look at seven top restaurants in So Cal:

King Mediterrano

Boasting the 19th place of most popular places to eat in the USA, King Mediterrano in Torrance offers a fusion of Mediterranean and Mexican food. They use fresh ingredients to prepare healthy, homemade and delicious food — and it’s trendy and well-loved.

La Copine

The place is idyllic, located in Yucca Valley, just a 45-minute drive away from Palm Springs. La Copine’s offer is glorious and Americana-influenced, complete with a colossal BLT and fried chicken, greens and salads. If there ever were a perfect place for a foodie to enjoy great food and sun-drenched surroundings, this would be it.


For those who prefer more exotic foods, Artesia’s Rajdhani has you covered. This fantastic Indian cuisine restaurant located on Pioneer Boulevard has everything you’ve ever wanted to try, specializing in thali. Appetizers, soups, bread, rice, curry — they’re a staple of this style of dining, and they’ll leave you wanting more no matter how stuffed you get.

Bluegold and LSXO

Huntington Beach in Orange County has one of the pearls of So Cal restaurants, with a bountiful offer of fresh seafood coupled with Californian wine and citrus. If you’ve ever wanted to try truffle pizza or roasted wild salmon, you could do so here. And there’s another pleasant surprise: LSXO, the 28-seat eatery inside Bluegold, boasts a fusion of Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine.


For those who long for Cuban flavors, Habana in Costa Mesa has you covered. Any Cuban cuisine classic you can imagine is served at Habana, which has built up an impressive reputation in Costa Mesa for more than two decades with their excellent work. And if you have a taste for exotic and classic cocktails alike, you’ll enjoy Habana’s cocktails.

Lola Gaspar

Spanish tapas are among the staples of Lola Gaspar’s in Santa Ana. The ambient is beautiful, with the option to dine on the patio or in the beautiful and intimate dining room. You can enjoy other dishes that are unavoidable in a Spanish feast, including taquitos, nacho fries, and chili relleno. Craft cocktails complete the impressive menu at this lovely Spanish restaurant.

Ootoro Sushi

What is a culinary diversity without a little Japanese influence? Sushi is one of the unique foods out there, and Ootoro Sushi in Irvine does it well, with fresh fish imported straight from Japan, as well as other premium-quality ingredients. You can try various delicacies — live sweet shrimp served over ice, grilled miso black cod, octopus sashimi, and many others.

Living in Southern California can’t leave a foodie feeling bored with the culinary scene. There are so many great restaurants to choose from that you’ll never run out of new things to try.

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