Living in Southern California would be a dream come true for many people around the world. Usually, the reasons vary from great, sunny weather to a melting pot of different cultures that all bring their distinct influence into the mix. But those are not the only reasons why Southern California has excellent cities to live in. Whatever it is you’re looking for, So Cal’s got something for you.

Get to know why these five cities are included in So Cal’s top list and fall in love with one of them:


With a population of 139,491 people, Fullerton is frequently on the top lists of best Orange County cities to live in. It owes its good standing mostly to a lower median housing value than an average Orange County city, but it also has plenty of benefits for families looking to settle in comfortably. Fullerton is picturesque, has excellent public schools, a bunch of beautiful parks, bookshops, and libraries. It’s very inviting, and the warm, quaint atmosphere is unique.


Moorpark is not a big place, with a population of 35 thousand people. However, it keeps on growing, owing to how family-friendly and safe it is. It’s a Ventura County town, with Oxnard as the closest major city. Moorpark has the lowest crime rate out of all the cities in Ventura County, and it has a good ranking among towns nation-wide as well. There’s plenty to do for families, including various festivals and outdoor activities, so it’s no surprise that households with children under 18 make up 41.6% of its population. Moorpark boasts some fantastic schools too, with a wide selection of extracurricular activities.


For those of you who love the great outdoors, Poway could be a great option. There’s plenty to do outside in Poway, including exploring beaches and hiking in the Cleveland National Forest. One of the most attractive selling points of Poway is that the commute time is only a little over 20 minutes — everything is easily accessible, and traffic is light. The housing prices might be a bit higher than average, but Poway’s estimated 50 thousand inhabitants would tell you it’s worth it.


Irvine is one of the So Cal cities that are especially attractive to young families. It is due to a combination of factors — wide availability of higher education institutions and excellent public schools, along with a medium income rate of $92,663 and a much lower unemployment rate than the nation-wide average value. As with other cities on this top list, Irvine offers terrific outdoor life and plenty of parks to spend family time in.

While relocation is rarely an easy decision, you won’t go wrong with any of the cities on this list. Southern California is a great place to live, and a reputable professional agent makes the process of moving and buying a new home so much easier.

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