Estimating your home’s worth can be a stressful time if you want to put it up for sale. It’s a massive decision after which there’s no going back, and every homeowner wants to improve their living situation instead of stagnating. However, if you don’t estimate the value of your home correctly, you risk selling it for less, or not able to sell it at all.

Many homeowners who are looking to sell, wind up in one of these two situations, which makes their moving process harder in any case. While it is difficult to estimate how much your home is worth without professional help, we have some tips that will set you on the right track. Additionally, they may help you find the right mindset when it comes to selling, so if you want to learn how to determine your home’s worth, read on!

 Difference Between Market Value and Perceived Value

Emotional decision-making and subjective judgment can affect your ability to sell. You’ve spent years in that home, creating many valuable memories. Or, when you paid for that home a set amount, and you won’t consider selling it for less. Above examples perfectly illustrate why this subjectivity is one of the chief obstacles for homeowners who are looking to sell. Overestimating or underestimating your home’s worth is one of the most common mistakes that sellers make.

Yes, the home you’re selling has considerable value for you, but will it have the same valuation with potential buyers? The answer depends on the market, which is continually changing. So let go of sentimental value and look at market value instead. How much are the buyers willing to pay for this home? That’s the central question to be asking.

 Current Market Situation

The only way to get a better idea into how much you could sell your home for is to research the market. Look into listings, view recently sold homes and analyze your findings. Could your home type be in high demand, but low supply? What are selling prices of similar homes? The research will give you a starting point. After that, you can begin to think about the unique features of your home, and whether they can bring its price up or down. However, be aware that you might find yourself to be entirely subjective when it comes to determining the added value of your home’s features.

 When In Doubt, Turn to Professionals

Listing your home might present an interesting problem since you have to get the price right to sell it fast. If you find yourself having difficulties with making your final decision, you can always turn to a professional team of real estate experts for help. The Monica Diaz Team is among the highest rated 5-star real estate teams, with an astounding sales track record, as well as decades of experience.

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