It surprises many homeowners how easy it is to dramatically increase the value of your home without having to spend a lot. Whether you are planning on selling your home and want to get the best offer or you just want to make some improvements, there are simple things you can do to boost your home value.

Plant a Tree

If you have no immediate plans to sell your home, planting a tree now is a great way to upgrade your landscape and make the house more attractive for future buyers. The natural beauty of trees adds to the curb appeal of any home. They also offer shade and privacy. According to HGTV, a well-landscaped yard with mature trees increases the value of a house by almost 20%.

Update Your Kitchen

A kitchen remodel will cost you thousands of dollars. However, to update your kitchen, no one said you had to do it one big swoop. You can update your kitchen one piece at a time, one faucet and fixture at a time. Even if you’re not planning to sell your house for another few years, you can already start replacing old appliances with newer models. Sometimes all it takes to give a kitchen a fresh new look is a color makeover that can be achieved by painting the walls a new color. You may also want to replace old light fixtures.

One Wall at a Time

New paint has the power to change the look of any space dramatically. Depending on the color, you can brighten a room or give it personality. Stay within budget by painting one wall at a time or even one room a time. Tackle one room in your home each month. This way, you’re not digging too deep into your savings by spending on a big project where you’re repainting the entire interior and exterior of your home.

One Piece at a Time

Quality furniture pieces can take a home a level up. But instead of doing your entire living room or dining room, buy key pieces one at a time. Buy that beautiful couch or new dining table when your budget permits. The same can be said for items that add personality and style such as lighting fixtures or window treatments.

Give Curb Appeal a Boost

Add to your curb appeal by making the front yard more attractive with flower boxes or even a rock garden. Paint your front door a quirky, bright color. Paint the trim and shutters too. Upgrade your mailbox. All these small changes will cost you less than $100.


Cleaning regularly may not be a home improvement exactly. However, it is your best defense against your home aging and deteriorating, decreasing in value. When you take care of your floors and walls, they will look beautiful much longer. Keeping things like your carpets from looking too worn out will save you from having to replace all the carpeting. When you keep a clean home and are ready to sell, potential buyers will walk around your house and notice how well taken care it is. Ultimately, this could spell the difference between them making an offer on the spot or walking away. When people know that a home was well-loved, they also know that is was well-maintained.

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