California is a beautiful state, flanked by sparkling waters and the best mountains for skiing and snowboarding, and those who have lived here awhile know that it’s one of the best places in the U.S. to call home.

Not only are there spectacular, romantic sunsets every evening, there’s also the fact that Cali is home to several top-ranked cities which include the best food, drinks, and attractions to be found in the country. Pair those factors with the lovely weather, and it’s easy to see why so many of the state’s seniors find it easy to live healthy and fulfilling lives in California.

If you’re a senior planning a move to the state or you’re already a Cali resident but looking to move to a new city in the state, here are some things you’ll need to know.

Los Angeles has more than meets the eye

L.A. has long been regarded as a spangled city with a long history of darkly romantic stories about screen stars and icons, but there’s more to it than just Hollywood. If you’re taking a trip there soon, do the touristy stuff – see the Walk of Fame, snap a selfie in front of the Hollywood sign – but make sure you also check out places like the Walt Disney Concert Hall, which is home to the L.A. Philharmonic, and the Getty Center, which holds free art exhibitions.

Don’t underestimate other cities

Many people who take a trip to the West Coast have specific destinations in mind, but sometimes it’s good to let your hair down and rent a convertible so the seaside air can blow through it. Take a drive and explore a bit; cities like Pasadena and San Diego have a ton of attractions, restaurants, and parks to see that are unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. Not only are California beaches gorgeous, but the weather (especially close to the water) is a perfect 70-ish degrees most of the year in places like San Diego.

It’s a great place to get fit

California is unparalleled in its number of ways to stay in shape. Hiking, rollerblading, bike riding, and yoga on the beach are some of the best ways to get fit in Cali. With beautiful weather and scenery, California’s cities are some of the best places to get outside for a workout, and the bonus is that you’ll never be alone. The beaches and parks are always draws for health-conscious people who want a little daily activity. It’s also important to note that the warm weather means you can swim year round. Swimming is an especially good exercise for seniors because it’s easy on your joints and has very low fall risk. So, whether you have your own backyard pool or purchase a home close to the ocean, a Southern California lifestyle will be the perfect atmosphere in which to swim your way to good health.

No rain

Cities like Los Angeles enjoy such fine weather that there is very little rain. Unlike East Coast cities, which suffer from flooding during the wettest months, there simply isn’t much precipitation to speak of. Double-plus bonus? The lack of rain means no flies or mosquitoes.

The staycations are amazing

Moving to a Cali city? Don’t worry about planning a vacation out of state and spending your hard-earned money on flights and hotels. Create a “Staycation” instead and map out local points of interest, such as a local hotel or tour.