Veteran homeowners know this by now, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat it:

Neglect is the cause of some of the most expensive home repairs! So, save thousands in the long run by doing a few tasks regularly and preventively, and enjoy your gorgeous home in its full glory.

Here are some aspects of your home maintenance you can include in your regular home upkeep to protect your investment.

Protect Against Water Intrusion

One of the most significant concerns for homeowners, water intrusion, can cause safety problems as well as significant damage. Inspect multiple areas of your home to protect it against water damage:

  • Drains
  • Stucco
  • Rain gutters and downspouts
  • Exterior paint
  • Window Seals
  • Showers, sinks, and toilets
  • Plants and grade near the foundation

As soon as you notice a problem, seal, clean, caulk, and repair any area that needs repair.

Inspect Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning Units

Your HVAC system should be inspected at least once a year not only for health and safety reasons (although these two do matter the most) but also because you’ll save thousands of dollars by keeping your current equipment in good health.

Treat for Termites

Termites are… well, a handful. If left untreated, they can ruin everything from drywall to furniture! Should we mention that it takes months to years to notice that you’ve got termites in your house and that, by the time you do, it could be too late? It is why you should make annual termite inspections a regular maintenance thing in your home and protect your home and your belongings.

Inspect and Repair Roof Damage

Roof inspections are a must, especially if you’ve got an older home and a roof that’s old. Roof inspections prevent water damage, roof deck sagging, leaking, and cracks. To save your roof from replacement now and then, have all vents sealed and cracks replaced. It should add up to 40 years of life to your existing roof and give you a piece of mind.

Clean Dryer Vents

Don’t kill your mortgage by acting unconcerned regarding home maintenance. Clean dryer vents annually to prevent lint from building up and the dryer from overheating and catching fire.

Inspect Your Windows

Old windows or new ones that weren’t adequately installed can allow moisture to seep into the house. It can cause rot and mold around the window frame. To avoid having to foot an incredibly high energy bill and help prevent costly damage, update your windows whenever you spot even the tiniest problem. Bad comes to worst, replace them altogether if you feel they are beyond repair.

Chimney Inspection

A chimney inspection is done annually to prevent damper damage, mold, and fire. Be diligent about the chimney inspection, even if you haven’t been using your fireplace that year.

The best time of year for general inspections is during fall – that way, all that needs to be repaired is completed for the holidays, letting you enjoy this beautiful time without worrying you’ll have a shingle fall on your head. If you spot a problem before Fall, address it straight on.

No matter what type of real estate market you’re in, it’s critical to work with a professional agent.

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