Just as there is a good time to buy a home, there is also an ideal time to sell your house. While people may be interested to buy property year-round, it’s typically during the warmer months that they are actively going out and house hunting. For this reason, November and December have been observed to be the worst times to sell a home.

Historically, agents have ranked March as the best time of year to sell a house, with April and May coming close. The days are longer, the weather is comfortable, and the landscaping around a home is looking its most attractive. When the weather is pleasant, it’s easier for people to go and check out multiple properties that they can compare.

Spring and Summer have always been the best times to sell because people aren’t busy with the holidays and kids are home from school. Families are looking to buy, move, and get settled in before the new school year starts.

August and Winter are not ideal for states which experience harsh weather. And because the winter months mean back-to-back holidays for most, people are pre-occupied and would prefer to wait until after the new year to burden themselves with major financial decisions.

Of course, not all states experience the full range of seasonal changes. Ultimately, the best time of the year to sell your house depends on where you live. In San Diego, for example, the optimal time to sell would be anytime. This is because San Diego enjoys amazing weather year-round. However, if you’re in no rush, studies have shown that the first two weeks of April is the best window to sell in San Diego.

As mentioned, there are the best times to sell, and there are the most recommended times to buy a home. If you are eager to sell right away, you may want to consider those times when buyers are trying to avoid the crowds and looking to buy a home when there are fewer people to compete with.

Some agents are advising their clients to purchase a home when there is less competition. Buying a home on a holiday such as Easter or even Christmas Day could mean you’re the only making an offer. And if the seller is looking to sell right away, they may choose to snatch up your offer right away.

This is why going against the majority may prove beneficial for you. It really boils down to your needs. If you want a bigger pool of buyers to make offers that will allow you to choose the best one, then pick a time when more people in the market may bid on your house. However, if you cannot wait until spring or summer, choose a time when you can attract the smaller pool of people who are looking to buy during the off-season because they don’t want to compete.